Keith's Hut

Next work party was September 2024
Firewood, maintenance, and a deep clean.. 

The December 2020 BC Parks recommendation for crossing the Mount Joffre landslide is as delineated below: 
Friends of Cerise Creek & Keith's Hut respectfully acknowledge that this hut and the surrounding mountaineering objectives are located in the Nlhaxten / Cerise Creek Wilderness Conservancy, in the shared territory of the N’Quatqua First Nation, Sekw’el’was (Cayoose Creek) First Nation, and T’it’q’et First Nation, and we are grateful for their St’at’imc value of i tmícwsa i ucwalmícwa (the people and the land are one).

Only non-motorized access is allowed within the Conservancy.
Travel up the Cerise Creek drainage is dangerous. All routes in are exposed to challenging avalanche terrain in the winter, a potential third landslide event at anytime, and in the summer, other hazards include thick bush, swollen creeks, rock fall, glaciated alpine terrain, and bears.

In May 2019 two landslides from Joffre Peak heavily impacted the lower Cerise Creek summer trail and winter route. BC Parks is not permitting travel within the immediate slide path as outlined on the map posted on the Nlhaxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy website (in red posted above). A temporary route (similar to the blue line) has been marked with red paint on forest debris, it follows the west side of the landslide linking the smoothest debris and is suitable for summer and winter. The time crossing the path must be minimized as a third landslide is predicted.

Keith's Hut was built in 1988 and established in the tradition of public mountaineering shelters of the Coast Mountains - as an inspirational focal point for mountaineering on skis and foot. It is located near treeline at 1650m on the east ridge of Mt. Joffre.

The hut was designed to sleep 14 people in the loft, there is a wood stove, solar powered lights on timer switches, a sink with a drain into a slop bucket, and a large pot for melting snow. Water options include melting snow, digging into the lake, or in summer, finding a small harnessed source about 200m west of the hut with a stainless tank and a faucet. All water sources should be treated.

Hut with Skis
"To leave the Hut cleaner than you found it...":
  • Only Pee by the Pee Tree or outhouse - do not contaminate the snow anywhere near the hut.
  • Empty the slop bucket by the Pee Tree
  • Leave split wood to dry in the wood bin for the next people
  • Sweep the floor and try to keep the wetness (snow) out
  • Keep entrance ways to hut and outhouse shovelled clear of snow to keep the doors working
  • Burn used toilet paper in the mini firebox in the outhouse or in the hut wood stove

    Financial contributions and manpower are essential for the ongoing hut maintenance and firewood stockpile. Donations are appreciated for the ongoing success of the hut, and can be made to the locked cash box at the hut, or Online by clicking below.

    Donate Now

    Large public or commercial groups are not encouraged and a financial contribution is suggested at a minimum donation of $25 per person per night. In this way large groups can still be financially helpful.

    We would like to thank the following enterprises and agencies that have helped and contributed over the years:

    And of course - a huge shout out to all the volunteers that loyally and tirelessly keep the hut so well maintained and stocked since 1988. If it wasn't for you, the hut would have succumbed to the snow loading and mice long ago.